Florida is one of the best states to do business in, due to a strong pro-business environment, low operating costs, and policies to encourage entrepreneurship. Florida has one of the highest populations of Hungarian Americans in the U.S., with nearly 97,000 being recorded by the US Census. So, if your business has strong links with Hungarian organizations, this could benefit your company both at home and abroad.

Hungary: Investment Opportunities in the European Union

While often thought of as an Eastern European country, Hungary is in fact in Central Europe. It has a population of around 10 million people and has been a member of the European Union since 2004. The language spoken in Hungary is Hungarian. Hungarian is unusual in that it is not an Indo-European language, like the majority of others on the continent. This means that Hungarian is closer to the Estonian or Finnish language rather than neighboring countries’ languages.

This presents obvious problems to organizations that wish to carry out business with their Hungarian counterparts. Advances in technology now mean there are a number of digital translation services, which can quickly translate text from one language to another. However, for all their speed, these online services do have drawbacks.

What’s the Problem With Digital Translation?

Digital translation services will often struggle with informal language and slang. Computer programs often struggle to understand and translate subtle use of languages, leading to errors and mistakes. Trained translators can read between the lines avoiding any literal translations, which might be technically correct, but which make no sense. This is the reason that if you intend to carry out business in Hungary, you will require the services of a professional Hungarian translator who can provide you with a fast and accurate Hungarian translation.

The Benefits of a Professional Translator

When you hire a Hungarian translator from Teck Language Solutions, you will gain a valuable, competent, and reliable member of your team who will be on hand to perform duties such as live translation during conference calls and meetings, and to help you to translate important documents such as minutes, emails, contracts and trade agreements. All of our translators are educated to a high level, are native speakers, and will have some knowledge of the industry they are assigned to work within, meaning they can provide the best Hungarian translations for your business.

Your translator will also be able to provide assistance if you need to translate your own promotional or business documents, giving the human touch which digital translations lack, and carrying out any necessary research to ensure that any jargon or technical language is translated correctly. All Teck Language Solution translators have spent considerable time living and working within Hungary, and so you can be confident they have a sound knowledge of the language.

We currently provide professional Hungarian translation services for companies, organizations, and government agencies. So, no matter whether you are operating out of Jacksonville, Miami, Tallahassee or Orlando, Teck Language Solutions can provide quality translation services for your business.