Hungarian Website Translation Services

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If you plan to promote your business and services in the Hungarian market, you will inevitably require a correctly written Hungarian website to present your company. Automated translations and translation tools won't be able to do this job for you. On the one hand, this is because these automation tools are not yet sophisticated enough to detect the linguistic nuances of a non-Indo-European language like Hungarian. On the other hand, they don't convey the cultural background knowledge that is necessary for your products and services to be successfully promoted on a foreign market.

If you find yourself facing this issue for your Hungarian market presence, then our translation company has just the perfect solutions for you.

We offer you native-level Hungarian translations at a competitive rate as part of which intercultural matters are taken into account. Regardless of whether your Internet content is static or dynamic, no matter what your business sector is, we can handle your project quickly and efficiently. We adopt organizational and technical measures to ensure on-time delivery.

Technical know-how for your Hungarian website translation

CMS systems, like WordPress or Joomla, are becoming more and more popular these days for managing your website content. Many companies, however, still use static content. Whichever way you manage your website, you need a translation partner that understands both approaches so that you can avoid additional work with exporting, reimporting or editing the texts. A translation partner such as this saves you precious time and money.

If you are using CMS engines, the translation project can be set up in exchange files. If you are using the tried and tested HTML files, then let us take care of the Hungarian content creation and all you need to do is to upload the prepared files on your server, ready-to-use.

Alternatively, if you prefer the old fashioned way and would like to have your content as a word or excel file, maybe as csv export, and if either you or your website designer wish to look after the online presence, then that is no problem for us either.

Your website in Hungarian - what you need to know about the language

The first thing you have to know when you set up a Hungarian website is the fact that Hungarian is not an Indo-European language, like German, Italian, French or most of the other European languages. For this reason, translation engines have huge difficulties in converting English or other texts into Hungarian. A complete lack of prepositions (suffixes and declensions are used instead), a non-fixed word order in the sentence, where only the logical emphasis determines which words come first and in which order, and several other special grammar rules make the language extremely difficult to define using a computer algorithm. For this reason, you definitely need a human translator to create your Hungarian texts.

Experienced and skilled native Hungarian translators work with us to provide you with excellent linguistic results for your website content.

Features of our translation services

We provide you with professional Hungarian translations in line with internationally accepted standards, like those of ATA, in order to ensure quality for your Hungarian translation project. These require, for example, that

  • translators with native knowledge are used
  • only skilled and educated translators work for us who have several years of experience
  • proofreading for completeness and correctness
  • CAT tools are used to enhance translation quality, to shorten delivery times and to enable us to provide you with further discounts if your texts are repetitive.

Are you interested? Don't hesitate to contact us and ask for a free and no obligation quote for your Hungarian translation project.

We look forward to your inquiries.