Technical Hungarian Translations

Whenever you need technical data translated into Hungarian

Regarding technical Hungarian translations, our translation company is your efficient partner, offering quick, professional translations in a competent manner with non-bureaucratic execution at friendly and fair prices.

How we secure the quality of your technical Hungarian translations

In the case of technical translations, good linguistic quality is the result of the interplay of numerous factors. The use of the native-speaker principle is also indispensable in this specialist field. Only native-speaking professional Hungarian translators can ensure that the content of technical instructions, which are in part written in quite a complicated manner, is understood by the target group (whether it is the end user or operating personnel). Therefore, using the native-speaker principle primarily serves to increase operational safety and ensure the proper use of machines, equipment, software, and any other systems.

Thanks to our software infrastructure, we can process most formats widely used to create technical documentation. In addition to Illustrator, Framemaker, or AutoCAD, our Hungarian translators are true professionals in dealing with programs belonging to the Office and Adobe suites. Thanks to our tag editors, and other professional translator applications, we can also process other - in part very special - formats.

Other quality assurance measures round off our service, "technical Hungarian translations." Among other things, these include:

  • terminology management (creating glossaries and their practical use during the course of translation projects),
  • the use of the corresponding (tag-) editors for ensuring the uniform use of specialized terms (consistency checkers, CAT tools, etc.).

These measures, complemented by the expertise and the many years of experience of our Hungarian translators, ensure that you put the Hungarian translation of your operating manuals, handbooks, technical documentation, product specifications, and data sheets, as well as technical drawings into the right hands at our translations office.

Hungarian technical translations in wide-ranging subject areas

Our translation company offers a wide range of technical subject areas for translation into Hungarian or from Hungarian. Among other things, these include:

  • Automotive
  • Energy sector
  • Electronics and electrical engineering
  • Household appliances
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Hardware and software and much more

Thanks to our reliable Hungarian translators, we offer you the right solutions.


In the technology field, we take our obligation to confidentiality very seriously - particularly in the case of innovations. In addition to our obligation, we take numerous other measures to better protect the information in your files. Our confidentiality obligation is complemented by the transmission of files with the use of encryption and related software as well as safe operating systems.

Technical Hungarian translations made by expert Hungarian translators

We are also distinguished in technical Hungarian translations due to our speed, reliability, and unbureaucratic execution, in addition to our customer-friendly prices.

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