Medical Hungarian Translations

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If you require the translation of medical texts in the language combination Hungarian-English or English-Hungarian, then our translation office is your reliable partner.

In case of emergency, we offer quick service for the execution of your translation project!

Regarding the quality of medical translations

In the field of medicine and generally regarding health-related topics, it is incredibly important that the translations are written in an understandable manner using the corresponding specialised terms and that it is true to the meaning of the source text.

For this reason, our translation office carries out additional quality assurance measures in the case of medial translations in the combinations English-Hungarian or vice versa. Among other things, these include:

  • the strict selection of professional Hungarian translators with related knowledge and experience
  • the use of carefully created databases and related specialised dictionaries
  • the possibility to consult with the Hungarian world of experts, with numerous doctors, medical professionals and pharmacists, and universities, with whom our translation office has maintained contact for several years.
  • when performing medical translations, the standard quality assurance measures are naturally also carried out; that means that the translated texts are checked for completeness, accuracy and correct spelling.

The need for Hungarian/English medical translations - our target groups

Due to the wide range of healthcare in the English-speaking countries, there is an increase in the number of Hungarians who take advantage of the services and products of English health organisations and medical manufacturing companies. On the other hand, there is an indispensable number of U.S and British private individuals, who regularly use the medical services of Hungarian doctors and dentists located in Hungary - especially in the field of dentistry.

Due to Hungary's membership in the EU, just as many Hungarians come into contact with British or American insurance companies that would like to gain insight into the medical history of their future customers in order to issue their quotes and conclude contracts.

For all these matters, our translation office is at the service of its customers providing Hungarian-English medical translations for the following documents, among other things:

  • Medical reports
  • Medical discharge reports
  • User manuals for equipment designate for medical use
  • Documents for insurance public and private insurance companies (medical health record, confirmation of earlier insurance relationships).

Hungarian translations for

  • doctors, medical professionals and pharmacists
  • hospitals
  • aid organisations in medical/healthcare fields.
  • insurance companies
  • private individuals

Contact us and request a non-binding quote for your Hungarian-English medical translation project. Certified translations for the same subject areas are also possible!