Certified Hungarian Translations

Your Trusted Partner for Accurate and Official Hungarian Translations

If you have immigrated to the US or UK from Hungary and need your official documents translated into English with certification, our translation office is your first choice. As specialists in English-Hungarian translations, we are confident we can offer unbeatable rates, short delivery times, and professional work in every aspect.

Advantages of Our Services for Hungarian Immigrants in the US and UK

The US and UK have been popular choices of residency for Hungarian immigrants since the first half of the 20th century. While the initial waves of immigrants were driven by historic upheavals such as the Second World War, Communist occupation, and the 1956 revolution against the Soviet regime, many of today’s Hungarians seek their fortunes in Western countries for a more stable economic future. Improved job opportunities and more reliable public services, including healthcare and secure legal systems, are among the reasons why many modern Hungarians choose America or the United Kingdom as their new home. Fundamental changes in communication and transportation have made the transition easier, as family visits or keeping in contact with friends at home are now less costly and complicated than before.

So why should your Hungarian certified translation project be excessively expensive and complicated?

Our translation agency prides itself on non-bureaucratic and fast ordering processes, friendly service, competitive prices, and short project turnaround times.

Numerous private and business clients from across Europe and the US already rely on us for their Hungarian certified translation projects. We look forward to establishing new business relationships with you and providing the translations you require.

Contact us to request a free and non-binding quote for your certified Hungarian translation. Whether you need your:

  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Certificate of death
  • Divorce papers
  • Court decisions
  • Contracts
  • Tax files
  • Insurance policies or confirmations
  • Healthcare documents
  • Any licenses (such as a driving license, hunting or fishing license, etc.)
  • Immigration papers
  • Or any other personal and legal documents

translated into or from Hungarian.

Our certified translations are officially accepted in the US and UK, in Germany, and in most cases, in Hungary as well. However, each country has different regulations governing certified translations, so please inform us beforehand of the country for which you require the translation.

Turn to us if you are seeking a reliable Hungarian translation provider for your certified translation project.