Our scope of work

As a full-service Hungarian translation provider, we pride ourselves on having access to extensive know-how for virtually all business sectors concerning the delivery of translation services. Whether your company operates in technical, medical, legal, or marketing fields, we have the right solutions and knowledge to provide flawless Hungarian translations.

Technical Hungarian Translations

Our translation agency has its roots in Hungary and the highly industrialized area of Southern Germany, where most of our initial clients came directly from the automotive sector or were suppliers to the giants of the automotive industry in these regions. The early years of our business operation helped us to develop wide-ranging technical knowledge regarding terminologies, the key problems which may arise in the case of highly specialized technical texts, and how to cope with these effectively.

In the case of technical translations, it is extremely important that the translated texts have uniform wording to avoid any misunderstanding. For this purpose, we use so-called CAT tools, which are support software for the translation industry, ensuring consistent and uniform wording. You also benefit from other advantages of these tools. A good example is that we can provide additional discounts if your technical texts contain repetitions.

For operating personnel based in Hungary to be able to read and understand the content of your operating manuals, it is essential that these are correctly translated into Hungarian in the first place. We ensure this at our end using native-level target language translators. We can only ensure that your Hungarian texts have the correct style and wording by fulfilling this requirement.

If you need your technical documentation translated into Hungarian, then we are the competent partner to assist you. We can work with the most common file types and industry-specific files, such as AutoCAD, InDesign or Illustrator, which are widely used with technical texts.

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Marketing Hungarian Translations

If you need your brochures, flyers, presentations, or websites to be translated into Hungarian, you need not only a partner who can translate your texts in a linguistically correct way but also someone who knows and understands the cultural differences between the two markets. This ensures that your message is conveyed to your target audience abroad understandably, free from linguistic errors and cultural blunders.

Marketing translations have specific requirements that need to be fulfilled for your marketing goals to be achieved. A high degree of linguistic creativity is needed. Good knowledge of the target culture is necessary, not only about the country itself but also about the target audience (age, social status, ethnicity, etc.). These factors must all be considered if you are to receive impeccable Hungarian translations for your business materials. When you are working with us, you can be sure that all these elements are considered, and you receive top-notch marketing translations for your project in Hungary.

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Legal Hungarian translations

When translating legal documents, an in-depth knowledge of the legal systems in the respective countries is required. We ensure this by manually selecting the translators for your legal translation project. The translators in each case have relevant knowledge and experience in legal fields, regardless of whether you need contracts, general terms and conditions, patents, agreements or any other legal documents to be translated into or from Hungarian. Our company has longstanding relationships with law firms, attorney offices, insurance companies and even state organs, who have put their trust into us in the legal field and become our regular clients. If you need your legal documents to be translated into or from Hungarian, our translation agency is your expert partner for the job.

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Financial Hungarian Translations

There is almost no other field more globalized than the financial industry. Banks, broker and insurance companies operate virtually without borders, and larger institutions have affiliates in several countries. Hungary, a member of the European Union, is no exception in this case. Finding a reliable provider that delivers flawless Hungarian translations fast and at competitive rates can be challenging. If you turn to us, you can rest assured that your Hungarian translation project is in the right hands. Short delivery times, fast responses to your inquiries, and competitive prices are just a few features of our service. Contact us and receive more information regarding your Hungarian translation project. We are looking forward to your inquiries.

Certified Hungarian Translations

Our global world barely recognizes any borders. The fundamental changes in communication and transportation possibilities at reasonable rates enable a level of mobility never before experienced. For Hungarian citizens, people with Hungarian heritage, or any other entities needing certified Hungarian translations, our translation agency – a specialist in the Hungarian language – is the perfect partner. Contact us to benefit from fast deliveries at unbeatable rates.

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Hungarian Translations for Private Individuals

Do you have private letters that need to be translated into Hungarian? Did you find letters or notes from your great-grandparents in the attic, and you would like to know what they were writing about? Do you need a thesis or an article that interests you to be translated into or from Hungarian? No matter your specific needs, our translation agency will help you understand everything in Hungarian.

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