Legal Hungarian Translations

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When talking about our global world – a world in which even small businesses have the opportunity to operate on the international market - we must not overlook the fact that, besides preparing technical and marketing materials in the language of the target market, businesses will also be confronted by a range of legal issues. Contracts, patents, court decisions and verdicts, letters from or to law companies often have to be translated as well in order to fully understand every sentence included and to avoid potential misunderstandings or even disasters.

If you conduct business in the Hungarian market or have Hungarian employees, you will need a reliable partner who can translate your legal documents into or from Hungarian.

If you find yourself in this situation, our translation agency - a Hungarian language specialist - is your expert partner.

We guarantee on-time delivery, accurate Hungarian translations of high quality and competitive rates with an excellent price-value ratio. Certification and confirming the correctness and completeness of the translation are also available.

Quality matters – How we ensure that you receive flawless legal Hungarian translations from us

In the case of legal Hungarian translations we adopt further quality measures in addition to the basic translation process. The translator completing your legal translation must have experience or be educated in the legal field. This will have been tested and confirmed by our translation agency and we have a separate pool for legal Hungarian translators. The step is essential as, with legal translations, there is no scope for differences in interpretation or deviation in style, as might be the case in marketing translations, for example (in this instance, this may help improve understanding or allow for consideration of cultural aspects). In the case of legal translations the target-language content must be extremely accurate.

Legal term banks, scope for consultation and legal background knowledge are features which help to make our service unique in the market.

Wide range of deliverables

The range of our legal Hungarian translation services covers a variety of different texts and documents. These include, among others:

  • Contracts of any kind (including employment contracts)
  • Affidavits
  • Apostilles
  • Correspondence with authorities and law firms
  • General terms of your website
  • Service and purchase agreements
  • Licenses and patents
  • Tax forms
  • Statements of any kind
  • any further legal documents, including several personal documents

If you need your legal documents to be translated into or from Hungarian, turn to us with confidence. We look forward to your inquiries.