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Are you looking for professional Hungarian translation services? If professionalism, accuracy, and fast and reliable deliveries are important, then our services are just what you need. We have the resources to take care of your Hungarian translation projects, regardless of their topic. Whether it is a technical manual for your machinery, the general terms of your website, any contract, a medical report, personal documents, marketing or advertising materials, webshop content, or any other document you need to be translated into Hungarian, you can rest assured that your project is in the right hands with us.

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Wide Range of Topic Areas

What You Can Order From Us


Whether you need manuals, data sheets, safety sheets, technical drawings, operation or maintenance manuals, or a short list of items translated into Hungarian, you have come to the right place. Benefit from our extensive know-how and ensure that, in partnership with us, your technical Hungarian translations have the right style and terminology to be used safely in Hungary.

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Optimized solutions also make it possible for us to offer professional translations in the commercial field that are carried out quickly at fair and friendly prices. Several design agencies, mainly from the US and Germany, have already trusted us with Hungarian translations. We are the perfect match for you if you need newsletters, presentations, website content, or any other marketing-related texts to be translated from or into Hungarian.

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Whether it is contracts, patents, court decisions, or letters from or to lawyers, our translation office translates your texts quickly, competently, and reliably into Hungarian for a variety of judicial topics. Your legal documents will be handled with utmost care and confidentiality. The translators working on your texts will have legal knowledge through their education and professional experience. We can provide certified translations if you need your legal Hungarian translations to be used in court.

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If you require the translation of medical texts from or into Hungarian, our translation office is your reliable partner. Professional translations are essential, especially when human life is at stake. If you need medical descriptions, medical reports, or similar texts to be translated into or from Hungarian, you need to be sure that you have the right partner at your side to provide these translations for you in a reliable and responsible manner. Contact us if you require any medical documents to be translated.

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If you need certified Hungarian translations for official purposes, e.g., immigration, we are the right address to turn to. Fast deliveries and friendly prices are only a few of your benefits.

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If you need Hungarian translations for any other private purposes, turn to us with confidence. Whether it is a letter you would like to send to your friends or relatives in Hungary, your great grandfather's diary you have found in the attic, or any other document, our translation company is your expert partner for any of these Hungarian translations.

Quality of Your Hungarian Translation

Why You Should Choose Us if You Need Hungarian Translation Services

Finding a reliable Hungarian Translation Services Provider can be a real challenge. That is why we collected some of the most important features of our services for you to make your choice easier:

Only Native Translators

If you order Hungarian translations from us, we guarantee that your project will be taken care of by native Hungarian translators only. Translations in the opposite directions, i.e., from Hungarian to English, will be carried out by English natives. This feature ensures that your Hungarian translations are linguistically and stylistically correct.

Expert Hungarian Translators

All our Hungarian translators have years of professional experience and at least a college-level degree in the respective topic area. This feature ensures that the professional terminology of your translation is in every respect correct.

Cat-Tools to Ensure Consistency

We use advanced CAT technology to ensure consistency in using your specific terminology, even during more extended projects. With this technology, quality assurance beyond the human attention span is ensured. Moreover, this technology enables us to provide discounts and edit all commonly used file formats, if applicable.

Fast Deliveries

Our capacities, experience, and streamlined processes allow us to deliver quickly if needed. With technical and organizational measures, we ensure that your Hungarian translations will be delivered on time, without any delays.

Multi-layered quality assurance

To go the extra mile, we introduced further quality assurance measures. One of these includes double-checking the finished translation by a second linguist.

Strict Confidentiality

We exclusively work with Hungarian translators directly and hand-pick them for every project. As we do not use automated or first-come-first-serve project management systems and don't involve other agencies in the process, all parties also have maximum control over confidentiality and quality.

Excellent price-value ratio

Several factors in our project flow ensure the best available price-value ratio. Streamlined process flow, the optimum mixture of human workforce and technical assistance, and the inclusion of advanced technology in the translation process are only a few of the features that ensure competitive pricing.

Personal Contact

When working with us, you will always have direct contact with us/your Hungarian translator. We don't act as mediators and don't use mediators in the translation process. This approach gives all parties complete control over the quality of your Hungarian translation. We do not use automated communication systems with our clients, so you will always have a human being at the other end of the line.

Hungarian Translation Services for Your Business

In today's globalized world, international business transactions have become the norm, breaking down barriers between countries and fostering economic cooperation. Hungary, with its strategic location at the heart of Europe and its thriving economy, offers lucrative opportunities for businesses worldwide. However, to successfully navigate the Hungarian market and forge meaningful partnerships, accurate and professional translations are crucial.

  • Cultural Sensitivity and Nuances: Effective communication in business relies heavily on understanding cultural nuances. The Hungarian language, known for its complexities and unique linguistic features, presents challenges for foreign businesses. Employing professional translators who are well-versed in Hungarian culture ensures that the translated content aligns with local customs, norms, and values. This cultural sensitivity fosters trust and rapport, which are essential for successful business interactions.
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Business dealings with Hungary involve adherence to local laws and regulations. Accurate translation of legal documents, contracts, and compliance-related materials is paramount to avoid misunderstandings and potential legal pitfalls. Professional Hungarian translators possess the expertise to ensure precision and clarity in translating legal documents, safeguarding businesses from costly errors.
  • Market Penetration and Branding: To expand successfully into the Hungarian market, businesses must resonate with the local audience. Translating marketing materials, product descriptions, and advertising campaigns linguistically and culturally appropriately helps businesses build a strong brand presence. Investing in professional translations enhances market penetration by effectively engaging the Hungarian consumer base.
  • Business Credibility and Reputation: Hungarian customers, like any other, value accuracy and attention to detail. Utilizing professional Hungarian translations demonstrates a commitment to quality and respect for the local audience, elevating a company's reputation in the eyes of potential partners and customers.
  • Efficient Communication: In business, time is of the essence, and efficient communication is vital. Professional Hungarian translators possess linguistic proficiency and industry-specific knowledge, allowing for streamlined communication. This efficiency accelerates the decision-making process, facilitates negotiations, and ensures that opportunities are not missed due to language barriers.
  • Market Insights and Opportunities: Engaging with our professional Hungarian translators can provide businesses with valuable insights into local market trends, consumer behavior, and emerging opportunities. Our experts can help identify gaps in the market, assess competitor strategies, and offer guidance on tailoring products or services to meet local demands effectively.

The importance of professional Hungarian translations in business dealings with Hungary cannot be overstated. Cultural sensitivity, legal compliance, effective market penetration, enhanced credibility, efficient communication, and access to valuable market insights are just a few of the numerous benefits of engaging professional translators. As businesses continue to seek expansion in the dynamic Hungarian market, investing in accurate and culturally appropriate translations is a strategic decision that can pave the way for success and fruitful partnerships.

Your Communication With Hungary – With Our Hungarian Translations

Hungary, as a member of the European Union, is a developed market and the preferred investment target of several small, mid-sized, and global companies. Due to its membership in the world's biggest, or according to other resources, second biggest, economic block, its legal, political, and financial systems are considered stable. Its reasonable wage costs, the excellent infrastructure, especially in the western part of the land, as well as the presence of internationally renowned companies, e.g., from the automotive field, work as a magnet to new investment projects.

However, language barriers often pose a significant obstacle to effective communication. If you or your company are regularly working with Hungarian partners or clients or you have running projects there, you will need a competent and reliable translation partner for the Hungarian language, with high availability and effective working processes. Our portfolio consists of general business correspondence, technical documentation, safety data sheets, websites to enhance communication with potential clients, other marketing and sales materials, and other documents.

Whether you are in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, San Jose, Austin, Jacksonville, San Francisco, Columbus, Fort Worth, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Seattle, Denver, Washington, Boston, El Paso, Detroit, Nashville, Memphis, Portland, Oklahoma City, Las Vegas, Louisville, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Albuquerque, Tucson, Fresno, Sacramento, Mesa, Kansas City, Atlanta, Long Beach, Omaha, Raleigh, Colorado Springs, Miami, Virginia Beach, Oakland, Minneapolis, Tulsa, Arlington, New Orleans, Wichita, Cleveland or in other cities and regions, we have the right resources to provide you with accurate and professional Hungarian translation services, made exclusively by native translators with years of experience. Contact us and ask for a free quote.

Know Your Target Market: Some Basic Facts About Hungary

Hungary joined the community of the free world after the collapse of the Soviet block. The historical connections with the Austrian and German markets were restored rapidly in the following years. Soon, many US and UK companies discovered the Hungarian market's economic and strategic possibilities. Joining the European Union was an important step for the Hungarian economy. Several bureaucratic hurdles were eliminated to international trade. The legal and economic systems became more transparent. As an EU member state, the legal, economic, and political situations are considered to be stable.

According to OECD, here is some economic data that features Hungary in the late 2010s: Hungary has a population of approximately 9.9 million. The GDP is USD 28,367 per capita. The unemployment rate is around 4%. The average wage is USD 21,711.

Hungary is an interesting economic environment to do business in. The only hurdles in the way of your business success might be effective communication with your prospective clients and partners. If this is the case, we are here for you! Contact us confidently and ask for a free quote for your Hungarian translation project.