Hungarian Translators For Your Business In And Around London

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Your company is based in London, and you're looking to market your products and services in Hungary? You need professional support from a Hungarian translator who can provide you with Hungarian versions of your catalogues, brochures, products labels, operating instructions, website or manuals?
Or perhaps you want to set up a branch or company in Hungary, to increase your Hungarian turnover?
Whenever you find you need Hungarian translations, our Translation Agency, we are at your beck and call!

High-quality English > Hungarian and Hungarian > English translations

Thanks to our three-fold strategy, we are able to guarantee top quality for all the Hungarian translations completed by our agency:

  • Native-speaker principle: to ensure that all texts are linguistically and stylistically correct, our Translation Agency employs only native speakers - not only for texts translated into Hungarian, but also for texts that need to be translated into English, German or other languages.
  • Education and specialised knowledge (experience): In translation work, specialized knowledge is gained from two main sources: further education (degree level) and experience. Our Hungarian translators are qualified on both counts. Trust your translation to us; we can fall back on years of experience and a wealth of specialised knowledge.
  • Proof-reading: We proof-read all texts a number of times, enabling you to rest assured that the orthography is correct, the texts are coherent and technical terms have been used consistently. We use so-called translation memory tools and tag editors to ensure consistency for technical vocabulary.

Hungarian translations in a wide range of fields

Thanks to a solid foundation of specialised knowledge, gained from many years of experience and the relevant degree courses, our Translation Agency is able to offer Hungarian translations in a wide range of fields, including:


Translations of brochures, catalogues, technical specifications and product presentations, into and out of Hungarian.

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Legal and Certified Translations

Contracts, patents, certificates and reports - including certification where necessary.

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Software and Website Translations

No matter whether your website is programmed statically or dynamically, our Translation Agency can provide you with a professional online presence in the Hungarian language. And we’ll be happy to support you not only linguistically, but also with our web design experience.


To contribute towards your business success in Hungary, we’ll be happy to draw up texts for you, based on the search terms you provide. Through our creative texts, placed strategically on the net, you can be found quickly and easily by potential customers in Hungary – thanks to your placement in the search engines.

DTP and Creative

Our Translation Agency also offers desktop publishing services so that you can implement your Hungarian translations successfully. Your brochures can be edited with InDesign, QuarkXpress, Illustrator or even PhotoShop.

Marketing Translations

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