Hungarian Translator – Charlotte, NC

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One of the most important financial centers in the United States is Charlotte. If your Charlotte-based company conducts business with Hungarian partners or customers, you will inevitably require an expert partner for your Hungarian translations. Our translation company provides you with

  • native level Hungarian translations
  • delivered on-time
  • at competitive rates

Quality experience for your Hungarian translations

We adopt a range of quality measures for your Hungarian translation project to ensure exceptional quality in our service. First of all, we conduct translation work in line with internationally accepted standards, such as the directives of the ATA or the European DIN EN norm. These steps include:

  1. only experienced, skilled and educated translators completing the work for you
  2. only native translators dealing with your texts
  3. no translation leaving our company without having been double checked for correctness and completeness
  4. adopting organizational and technical measures to enhance quality and to keep it at a constantly high level

CAT tools are software based translation management applications and help us to maintain consistent and uniform use of your terminology. If your texts contain repetitions, these tools enable us to provide you with discounts.

Fast and reliable deliveries are guaranteed by means of technical steps (like safety backups) and organizational measures (project management).

Wide range of fields

We can deliver professional Hungarian translations for businesses in the Charlotte area with a broad range of different profiles. Whether you operate in the financial, technical, marketing, medical or legal fields, we have the right resources to provide you with impeccable Hungarian translations for any topic. Several small and medium-sized businesses have already put their faith in us and have become our regular clients as a result of the reliable, fast and quality deliveries we provide. Armed with this experience, you can rest assured that your Hungarian translation will be of high quality, regardless of your area of operation.

Competitive rates

It is very important for you to have a translation provider that can offer you unbeatable rates, in particular if you have recurring or bigger projects for the Hungarian language. If you order your Hungarian translation from us, we can provide you with rates below the industry average. The reason for this is that you are placed in direct contact with the Hungarian translators, without any other translation agencies or other entities acting as mediators. You receive your translations from us, first hand. We also utilize the advantages CAT tools offer and this enables us to offer you discounts if your texts contain repetitions. Bulk discounts are also possible.

Hungarian translations for your Charlotte-based business

If you are interested in our services and would like to have a fast and no-obligation quote for your Hungarian translation project or you have any further questions regarding our services, don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to your inquiries.

Hungarians in Charlotte – Certified translations into or from Hungarian for private individuals

Several cities in North Carolina, like Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Durham, Fayetteville or Winston-Salem were popular targets for Hungarian immigrants who left Hungary after the 1956 revolution or before. For their descendants with Hungarian heritage and for the newly arrived Hungarian citizens, our translation agency can provide certified translations for any official purposes. These include the translation of birth and marriage certificates, court decisions or any further immigration documents. In the case of certified Hungarian translations, you can also expect competitive prices, fast deliveries and reliable overall work.

Contact us and ask for a free quote if you are based in the Charlotte, NC area, or in any other city in North Carolina, and require professional Hungarian translations.