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Are you looking for Hungarian translation services in the Los Angeles area? If your company plans to market products or services in Hungary, you will need a fast and reliable partner that offers expert Hungarian translations. Whether it is legal documents, like a contract or the general terms section of your websites, whether technical documentation, marketing materials or specific website content, our Hungarian translators are happy to assist your business in the Los Angeles area. We proudly serve private individuals in the Los Angeles area with certified Hungarian translations as well. We are specialists of the Hungarian language and with that your first address to turn to, when expert Hungarian translations are needed.

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The Los Angeles area was a popular target of Hungarian immigrants in the first half of the 20th century. But not only well-known names, like Lugosi or Weissmüller can be mentioned in this regard. Several businesses were founded by Hungarians in the area, and the Eastern EU markets are also increasingly important for companies in Los Angeles and beyond. Whether it is an employment contract, a technical manual, a medical report, you name it, we can translate it into or from Hungarian.

In our company processes quality assurance plays a central role. We work only with native professionals of the target language. Only this way can it be assured that your Hungarian translation is linguistically and stylistically flawless. The finished translations are proofread before they are sent to you. Several translation assistance tools help us to secure the quality of your Hungarian-English translation even beyond the human attention span. Let us impress you with the quality Hungarian translations we provide your Los Angeles business with. Ask for a free quote today for your project.

We provide legal Hungarian translations for your law office in Los Angeles. If you have online services, we take care of your Hungarian online presence. Impress your potential and prospective clients in Hungary with truly professional texts that no automated machine translation will achieve. If you found a letter from your Hungarian ancestors and you would like to know what they were writing about, we can help. The range of topic areas we can help you with is virtually endless. Contact us for a fast quote.

We serve Los Angeles businesses and private individuals with professional translation services. If needed, with certifications. We look forward to working with you!