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Welcome to the website of our Translation Agency, your partner for Hungarian translations. Our Translation Agency specialises in the Hungarian language, particularly in Hungarian → English and English → Hungarian translations.

This website will tell you all you need to know about our Hungarian translators and the Hungarian translation services we offer.

Whether it's a technical text, a contract, official certificates or advertising materials, our Translation Agency will deal with your translation reliably, quickly, competently and in complete confidentiality.

Hungarian translations - our range of services

If you...

  • are looking to consolidate business opportunities in Hungary, and want to offer customers presentation materials such as brochures, catalogues or instruction manuals in their mother tongue;
  • keep coming up against language barriers in your business correspondence with Hungarian partners or customers;
  • ever need the services of a Hungarian interpreter;
  • would like your website to be available in Hungarian - irrespective of whether the content is dynamic or static;
  • want texts controlled by CMS systems to be translated into Hungarian;
  • want DTP presentations / brochures to be drawn up in Hungarian;
  • want drafts for creative texts in Hungarian - e.g. for SEO measures;
  • would like to conduct market research in Hungary and need a Hungarian translator at your side to help you with translations;
  • need to conduct telephone calls with partners or customers, or meet with them personally, and need a Hungarian interpreter or translator;
  • have friends or acquaintances in Hungary, and want to write them a personal letter;
  • are moving from Hungary to an English-speaking country such as the United Kingdom or the United States, or studying, getting married, buying property or signing a contract in one of these countries, and you need a certified Hungarian → English translation;

...then we're the right address for you!

Just ask, and we'll be happy to mail or fax you a non-binding offer. Or give us a call for more information.

Hungarian translations and more!

Here at our Translation Agency, we'll be happy to add graphics or DTP services to Hungarian translations as required, hence leaving you with print-ready material as soon as the translation assignment is completed:

  • Desktop publishing and layouts: where necessary, we can edit your translated texts with common graphic design software such as InDesign, QuarkXpress, Illustrator, PhotoShop, FrameMaker or AutoCad.
  • We work with various tag-editors and CAT tools which enable us to translate XML documents (i.e., XHTML files for websites) quickly and effectively. Or does your website have dynamic content, and you want the texts translated into Hungarian? No problem, just contact us and we'll be happy to discuss the project in detail with you.

Quality Hungarian translations

from native-speaker Hungarian translators

Amongst other things, we offer you translations into Hungarian or in the Hungarian/English language combination.

Your document - the source text - can be in English, German or in other European languages. Your documents will always be translated by a native-speaker Hungarian translator. Combined with the specialised competence which our Hungarian translators have gained either in further education or business experience, we guarantee that the finished translation will be impeccable in every way, including:

  • flawless grammar and style;
  • linguistic and cultural proficiency;
  • technical terms used correctly and consistently - supported by research where necessary;
  • proof-reading of the translated text to ensure completeness and correct orthography.

We don't leave quality control to chance: to ensure that technical terms are translated consistently - even in extensive documents - we are assisted by so-called translation memory tools.

For Hungarian > English translations, we are supported by competent, native-speaker English colleagues who proof-read or compile the English texts.

We place great value on meeting agreed deadlines. For this reason, we do back-ups of our work on a daily basis to avoid losing any data.

To the best of our knowledge and ability, we guarantee translations of a high linguistic quality in all language combinations.

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Whether you're a small or medium-sized business, or looking for a translation privately, you will benefit from ordering your translations directly from our Hungarian translators. This ensures you really do get value for your money.

Wide range of subject fields


In the case of technical translations, our translation office is your efficient partner, offering quick professional translations in a competent manner with non-bureaucratic execution at friendly and fair prices.

Whether you need your manuals, data sheets, safety sheets, technical drawings, operation or maintenance manuals, or perhaps just a short list of items translated into Hungarian, you have come to the right place if you choose us for your technical Hungarian translation project. Our translation company has several clients in the highly industrialized southern region of Germany. We have been providing technical translations for the automotive and engineering industries for companies based in this area. Benefit from our extensive know-how and ensure that, in partnership with us, your technical Hungarian translations have the right style and terminology to be used safely in Hungary.

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Optimized solutions make it possible for our translation office to also offer professional translations in the commercial field that are carried out quickly at fair and friendly prices.

Several design agencies, mainly from the US and Germany, have already placed their trust in us for Hungarian translations to be used world wide. If you need newsletters, presentations, website content or any other marketing related texts to be translated from or into Hungarian, we are the perfect partner for you.

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Whether contracts, patents, court decisions, letters from or to lawyers, our translation office translations your texts quickly, competently and reliably for the language combinations English-Hungarian for a variety of juridical topics.

Your legal documents will be handled with upmost care and confidentiality. These are not made available to any third parties and we take organizational and technical measures to ensure that your documents are safe with us. Confidentiality is extremely important, particularly in the case of legal documents. The translators working on your texts will have legal knowledge, whether through their education or professional experience. If you need your legal Hungarian translations to be used in court, we can also provide you with certified translations.

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If you require the translation of medical texts in the language combination Hungarian-English or English-Hungarian, then our translation office is your reliable partner.

Professional translations are essential, especially when human life is at stake. If you need medical descriptions, medical reports or similar texts to be translated into or from Hungarian, you need to be sure that you have the right partner at your side to provide these translations for you in a reliable and responsible manner. Contact us if you require any medical documents to be translated.

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If you are in need of certified Hungarian translations for official purposes, e.g. immigration, we are the right address to turn to. Fast deliveries and friendly prices are only a few of your benefits.

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If you need Hungarian translations for any other private purposes, turn to us with confidence. Whether it is a letter you would like to send to your friends or relatives in Hungary, your great grandfather's diary you've found on the attic or any other document, our translation company is your expert partner for any of these Hungarian translations.